Autumn Banner

I’d never had a reason to give any of my blog- post banners a shout out before, but September saw something different. September saw – at last! – the first banner created with an image of figures from my 1809 project. Something I’d wanted to do since starting the project. Just a simple reworking of my 100th Post image but, nevertheless, something that would have been great to see but impossible to accomplish at the start of my project. It had to be a bit of an advance!
Austrian Irregulars I made some conversions of Pendraken Austrian line infantrymen seen away back in Post 46 – and somewhat surprisingly a whole year ago! I eventually got round to painting the regiment they had become part of. It was good having some little differences to paint amidst the usual mass of rank- and-file. The Austrian Infantry Regiment No. 44 had madder red facings for which I used Foundry’s Madder Red 60B. FAR LEFT My swinging-back arm. An arm naturally swings back when a leg steps forwards while marching. LEFT The original figure with a head bandage added.
POST 106