I last posted on my 1809 Blog back in April. Since then – stirred by the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of World War One – I put my hobby time into designing and starting up another blog, resurrecting an older 10mm project in the process. This project – The Great War in the Middle East – kept me busy painting and modelling the dirt, dust and sand of the desert and sadly neglecting my 1809 project for a god few months. The good news was that in the world of khaki I learnt some new tricks that I could apply to the colourful world of Napoleonics. The truth, of course, being that all wargames projects lend themselves in some way or other to informing other projects of whatever scale or period. While working on desert terrain it was, of course, difficult to resist imagining my 10mm Napoleon making a bid to regain Egypt in 1809! Click here to go to: Michael’s WeeWars Desert War Diaries Desert Warfare in the First World War 10mm Wargames Blog

A Break in Hostilities

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