My converted Pendraken Archduke Charles miniature was last seen on my Blog back in Post 132. A somewhat unsuccessful attempt at mini-millinery I thought but he was brought up to some sort of standard with a bit more putty to beef up his hat and he got a new pointing right hand. Already having a Korps commander (see Post 139), I reckoned the look of this latest chap was fine for a less celebrated Austrian staff officer such as one of Rosenberg’s subordinates. Rosenberg’s IV Korps was split into two columns to attack the village of Essling. Feldmarschall- Leutnant Josef von Dedovich commanded the 4th Column while Rosenberg is reputed to have spent most of his time leading FML Hohenlohe’s 5th Column. Little is trumpeted about poor old Dedovich – David Hollins doesn’t include him in his Osprey, Austrian Commanders of the Napoleonic Wars – except that he and Rosenberg didn’t manage to coordinate their attacks on Essling. Earlier in the campaign at Schärding, however, he had displayed a stubbornness – or perhaps foolishness – under overwhelming odds not to leave his position.

Just Another Dedovich

There I was criticising myself for modelling my Austrian staff officer’s cuffs the wrong way round (see Post 141) only to realise on painting my first Pendraken Archduke Charles miniature – albeit converted – that the cuffs matched mine. Well, great minds and all that. However, the Johann
Krafft’s portrayal of Charles in his Aspern-Essling painting really is in a class of its own. It appears that Charles was being somewhat flamboyant that day, wearing his cuffs open in a jaunty way. And I’m very relieved I didn’t take the scalpel to my putty- work!
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