Looking Like a Pigsty

All glued together and painted, the pigsty was ready to fix onto a terrain tile up against the TimeCast farm building. And the resident pig? I think we all know what happened when Napoleonic armies were told to live off the land.
I got the original idea for my pigsty from an illustration by Roberto Innocenti from his book Pinocchio. His illustrations are full of detail and have, I think, lots of interest for the wargames terrain maker. His Pinocchio  is set in his native Italy and his illustrations contain a wealth of Italian features. I bought the book with an Italian wargames landscape in mind. However, much of the detail can spark ideas that easily translate to other theatres and other periods. I feel sure it won’t be long before I return to Innocenti’s work for more inspiration.  Illustration copyright Roberto Innocenti.
The pigsty still needed a trough of some kind. Probably a simple large old ceramic or wooden bowl would have been used rather than either the long narrow or expensive stone kinds.