With March came the relief that painting for the Pendraken painting competition was over and I celebrated by having a go at painting some Pendraken Austrian gunners without the pressure of having to be judged by the unforgiving camera lens. There are only four Pendraken Austrian artillery-crew figures. One of them is the officer that I converted (see Post 44) and painted as an infantry officer (see Post 49). It’s a nice figure but, unfortunately, it means there are only three gunners doing the dirty work. Worryingly, there’s no one with a match to fire the cannon when the officer brings down his raised hand, shouting, Feuer!” The mid-brown ‘roe-deer brown’ of Austrian artillery jackets is another of those much debated Napoleonic colours. I found my burnt umber wash over a khaki spay (see Post 29) a good enough match without doing much more. Otherwise, Foundry’s Spearshaft 13 paint palette was at hand for any additional painting. I painted the rosettes fully yellow but they should have had a black trim. At this scale the trim being the same colour as the hat, it could look a bit messy. However, I planned to experiment with future gunners, perhaps using a dark grey for the trim. The shoulder straps were brown piped with red. There wasn’t a lot of room to accomplish the paint-job on every strap. I found an orange-brown strap was a good compromise where space was tight. RIGHT The four Pendraken Austrian artillery crewmen.

Pendraken Austrian Gunners