French unit Div GD Seras IV/1st Léger IV/35th Ligne IV/42nd Ligne 53rd Ligne 106th Ligne 9th Chasseurs 10 guns Div GD Durutte 22nd Léger (III, IV) 23rd Léger 62nd Ligne 102nd Ligne 6th Chasseurs 2 guns
units/men 1/720 1/964 1/665 4/2,211 4/2,255 4/707 10 2/684 4/1,622 4/2,612 4/2,101 4/471 2
1:50 14 19 13 44 45 14 1 13 32 52 42 9
figs (units) 12 18 12 42 (12,12,18) 42 (12,12,18) 14 (6,8) 1 12 30 (12,18) 48 (12,12,12,12) 42 (12,12,18) 8 1

Sankt Michael

FML Baron Franjo Jelačić Bužimski, or FML Baron Franz Jellacic de Buzim, had just turned 63 in April and was in the last year of his life. Brought out of retirement to take command of a division of Hiller’s VI Armeekorps, he had got as far as occupying Munich but was forced to retreat with the general advance of the French and their allies. On his way from Salzburg to unite with Archduke Johann at Graz, he twice beat back a Bavarian brigade but was then caught by two divisions of the advancing army of Eugene, Viceroy of Italy, who had forced- marched to cut him off, blundering into his advance guard west of St Michael on the north bank of the Mur. Jellacic was not prepared for battle as he had sent away most of his cavalry and artillery before his march through the mountains.


The first column names the individual unit, whether a battalion, regiment, battery, or just a detachment. The second column gives the number of sub-units (battalions, squadrons or guns) in the unit followed by the unit’s total number of men. The following two columns are dictated by the way I organise my 10mm armies. The first states the number of figures at a ratio of one for every 50 actual men. The final column gives the number of figures (at 1:50) or gun models (at 1:6) of each unit rounded up or down to suit my basing; and in brackets the number of sub-units, usually battalions or grouped squadrons of a regiment.
Austrian unit GM von Ettingshausen Esterhazy IR32 De Vaux IR45 GM von Legisfeld Grenz Regiment 5 III/Reuss-Greitz IR55 EH Karl  IR3 Salzburg Landwehr O’Reilly Chevauleger 3 Detachment Ruiz 4 3-pdrs
units/men 2/c.2000 2/c.2000 2/c.2000 1/c.1000 1/c.400 1/c.300 ¾/c.60 1/c.300 4
1:50 40 40 40 20 8 6 1 6
figs (units) 36 (18,18) 36 (18,18) 24 (12,12) 18 6 6 2 6 1