In Post 3 I referred to the compatibility of Pendraken 10mm miniatures with N-scale railway models. I also included in the same post pics of a couple of my early attempts at converting plastic N-scale railway figures (left). I mounted these two converted generic trench diggers on a 20mm round MDF base as a trench digging marker. In If the Lord Spares Us, trenches cannot be dug during a game (16.2). At Dilbar, however, the local Tangistanis took the opportunity to improve their beach-line trenches during periods of poor visibility when the Royal Navy ships couldn’t see them to fire on them. To reflect this, I had the trench digging marker as a sign that trench digging was in the process of being completed. As soon as the occupants’ card was turned during the first turn, the marker would be removed and the trench award the normal defence bonuses. If, on the other hand, the occupants were fired on or attacked before their card was turned, they would be caught out putting the final touches to their trench. Whatever happened, the marker would always be removed before the beginning of the second turn. I drilled into the 3mm thick MDF base to create a nice big hole – being dug by the two trench diggers. I used grout and a very little sand to texture the hole and the base.

Trench Digging Marker

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