I’d already had a shot at producing flocks of sheep for other 10mm projects. My preference had been for basing sheep minis on bases 25mm round. However, I changed my mind. I thought livestock bases should act more as markers than playing pieces and decided to mount them instead on 20mm round bases.
Getting hold of 10mm sheep (without being fleeced) was very easy: Irregular Miniatures produced a figure (TMS3) and there were lots of N- scale railway model sheep minis to choose from both in metal and plastic. Including a shepherd figure on a base of sheep can, of course, limit the base to the number of historical periods the shepherd can be used for. I chose a figure of a young lad from Pendraken’s Arab Civilians pack (SC13). His clothes made him suitable for many periods up to the early 20th century.
BELOW Three Irregular Miniatures 10mm sheep mounted on a 25mm round MDF base before being ripped off the base and rebased on a smaller one.
"success is gauged by the number of sheep captured rather than by human casualties" Operations in Persia 1914-1919, p.188.

An Army of Sheep

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