Back in Post 8 I mentioned a TooFatLardies day of gaming that some local gamers had organised and was to be attended by Richard Clarke of TooFatLardies. It was just the kind of incentive I needed to get my WW1 project up and running. What was a magnificent day of fun and games went ahead at the beginning of June. I took along my Dilbar troops and terrain and put on a game. Not everything was painted up and based as I would have wished but nothing was a terrible eyesore either. The TooFatLardies’ rules If the Lord Spares Us used for the game were written, as it turned out, solely by Richard’s colleague Nick Skinner – so the rules writer himself was not present to keep us straight.

Dilbar’s Day Out

LEFT Gerard, Kevin and Al playing my Dilbar game at the TooFatLardies games day. Al’s experience and knowledge of the If the Lord Spares Us rules was much appreciated. RIGHT Without knowing what actually happened, the Imperial players chose to make their base camp at the same spot as Major Wintle did. They never managed to get as far as New Dilbar and the fort but cut down all the date palms and demolished what of Old Dilbar the Royal Navy had failed to destroy previously. They also gave the Tagistanis a severe bruising.
As far as gaming the operation in Persia, the rules coped surprisingly well. The main surprise was just how well they handled a side made up entirely of tribesmen. Something niggled me, though, about the effectiveness of the Royal Navy’s contribution. I thought it was too easy for the ships to pick their target. To correct this, I planned to somehow modify the level of communication between ship and shore in this scenario.
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