WW1 Hits the


My WW1 Blog went public on 1 May 2014 when I posted on the Pendraken and The Miniatures Page forums. This was exactly two years to the day since I launched (by posting on the Pendraken Forum) my first blog: my 1809 Napoleonic Blog (see Post 22 of that blog). This synchronicity wasn’t at all planned – it must just be the time of year! Luckily with my second blog there wasn’t such an uphill struggle with the software needed to put together the site (my first blog was originally a Flash site) so I could concentrate on the design and content of the new blog rather than on the nuts and bolts of getting the site up and running that had taken so much time with my first shot at blogging.
From its launch on 1 May 2012 until my WW1 Blog went public, my 10mm 1809 Blog had had a total of 59,284 visits. As from 1 May 2014 and the launch of my WW1 Blog, I planned to take the easy option and count visits as a total of visits to both my wargames blogs.
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