New Book

After reacquainting myself with all the books I read last time I researched my WW1 project some years ago, I treated myself to a book to add something new from the off to the project this time round. Wings over the Desert is an account of the actions of an RFC pilot, William Seward, in Palestine, 1916-18. The vivid picture it creates of action in the desert, the personal story of a participant and the broader history of the campaign, all promised an inspiring good read with lots of relevant desert warfare information.
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The To-Do List

Having chosen a scenario to base my project around, the first thing to do was to make a list of all the models I would need to put on a game. Luckily I had quite a few miniatures that were sort-of painted and would only need a little more painting to bring them up to standard – but nothing much based.

Carronade 2014

Scotland’s wargames show season kicked off with Falkirk’s Carronade and I came home after a grand day out with a clutch of Pendraken WW1 packs and a couple of packs of MiniBits bases for my WW1 project. Pendraken had just brought out some new WW1 packs to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. It was fun scanning through the photos on the website to select figures that might be useful in the Middle Eastern theatre. I also got my first pack of 20 x 15mm MDF bases to give this base size a try with some infantry figures (see Post 7). I got the bases in my preferred 3mm thickness. I didn’t realise that laser cutting MDF over 2mm thick produces an angled cut – the burn is wider at the top than the bottom. This was something I hadn’t spotted before. I compared the cutting of four different machines to confirm that this really is the case. Like a gamer being told he has to rebase a completed army, it put a bit of a damper on the fun and games of Carronade. But I quickly shook off the doldrums as I usually cut my own square-cut bases and only bought anything smaller than 20mm because they were tiddly-fiddly to cut on my table-saw.
Pendraken packs I brought home from Carronade.
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