More Gluing and Sticking

I glued card roofs to the tops of my first set of Tangistani houses and stuck on some thin straight twig pieces as roof beams where I wanted beams sticking out of the walls.  I made a start on the fort at New Dilbar. Rais Ali’s strong- hold was described as a massive structure with a large tower over the gateway with walls an impressive 30 feet high. I wanted to keep the walls to scale but to fit on one of my terrain tiles together with enough house models to give the impression of a village my fort would have to have a much smaller footprint than it probably had in reality.
Going by what I’d found from researching existing structures in present day Bushehr, the fort was most probably built of mud brick, substantial but not elaborate or decorative, and with plain parapets without indentations. I began by constructing the gateway and the tower of the fort. Before gluing the tower’s last wall, I remembered to give the interiors a quick splash of paint to avoid any difficulty or impossibility of painting them later. I didn’t design the interiors to accommodate troops, just spaces to be seen through open doors and windows.
POST 011