Pendraken produced a number of Indian riflemen in their figure ranges. There were two in the WW1 Middle East range, two in the WW1 British range in Western Front kit and two Sikh Indians in the 1890s North West Frontier Colonial range. I needed 24 Indian riflemen for a half battalion of the 96th Indian Rifles (see Post 9) – half a battalion at of 1:10 but a full battalion at 1:20, the figure scale specified in If the Lord Spares

96th Indian Rifles

Us (see Post 14). I made a start by painting and basing 18 riflemen from the Middle East range. The figure poses had a very wide gait, which was one of the reasons I settled on using 15mm deep infantry bases instead of something narrower. The officer that came with the figures was the taller of the two officer figures I used on my battalion command base (see Post 15).
I also based my first 10mm machine gun. The Indian machine gun from Pendraken’s Western Front range (BP19 Indian Vickers Mkl MG) is similar to the other Pendraken Imperial machine gun figures in that the belt-feeder is lying on his stomach. This pose takes up space and means the mini- atures will not fit on any base smaller than the 25mm round base I mounted them on.
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