These links are for products and services that have contributed to my 10mm WW1 project, or that I have simply mentioned. If you’ve read about a company or business on my blog, a link should be here. The Miniatures Page Forum A place to chat about Michael’s 10mm WW1 Blog. The Pendraken Forum  A place to chat about Michael’s 10mm WW1 Blog with 10mm gamers and collectors. Pendraken Miniatures  10mm WW1 miniatures. TimeCast  Historic buildings in miniature. Foundry Miniatures  No 10mm figures but great paint, each hue comes with a tint and a shade. Warbases  MDF figure bases from a small family business that designs and produces all their own products. Minibits Pendraken’s sister company for MDF bases and wargames bits and pieces.
Magister Militum 10mm figures. Total Battle Miniatures 10mm shrunken foot-print/correct scale height buildings. Red Eagle Miniatures 1:144 scale WW1 aircraft models.