A-Z Napoleonic Rules for 1809

All spurred up, the next thing on the agenda was to reunite myself with my rule set. These were the Napoleonic rules that I intended to use for my 10mm 1809 battles (see Post 158). It had been so long – any Napoleonic games had meanwhile been played in other scales – that I had forgotten just how far I had got with the writing of the rules. I was pleasantly surprised at just how near to playable they appeared to be. Play-testing was certainly on the cards! As I explained back at the beginning of this project and specifically in posts 158, 160 and 170 whatever rules I used, I wanted how I based my figures to influence game play in a meaningful way. It was quite usual with Napoleonic rules that bases or the number of bases of a unit – a battalion, a squadron, a brigade – had little impact on the tabletop. I spent some time going over my rules and adding to them. In Post 160 I mentioned buying dice specifically to use with these rules. Revisiting and revising the mechanics made me realise there was an opportunity for more dice buying! I ordered some more twelve-sided dice straight away. I’m sure I shall return to that purchase in a future post. For now, let’s just say that as Napoleonic command dice a bit of gold wouldn’t look out of place. Also, my rules had a name. A provisional one at least. One that I had plumped for back in 2014. So, I now had a working set of rules to try out called Abensberg to Zain : Napoleonic Wargames Rules for the year 1809. Otherwise known as A-Z Napoleonic rules.
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