Boudet’s 4th Division

Général de Division Boudet’s division that defended the village of Essling was composed of three French infantry regiments – two line and one light – in two brigades, totalling seven battalions (see Orders of Battle). Aspern-Essling orders-of-battle gave the following numbers of men: 3rd Legere: 1,489 men in 2 battalions 56th Line: 2,290 men in 3 battalions 93rd Line: 1,401 men in 2 battalions Initially, I tried keeping all battalions a standard size of 12 figures following the conventions of several rule-sets I liked the look of. This gave two regiments of 24 figures and one of 36. However, at 1:50 the number of miniatures actually totalled: 3rd Legere: 29 figures 56th Line: 45 figures 93rd Line: 28 figures The standard battalion size had its advantages – and it was a convention I thought I might return to – but I didn’t mind giving battalions of different sizes
a try, in keeping with the historical orders of battle. More importantly, I much preferred to make my units better represent the historical units with their different frontages. As a result I decided, instead, to simply divide the figure totals by six (the number of figures on my bases). This, then, gave the following totals: 3rd Legere: 24 figures 56th Line: 42 figures 93rd Line: 24 figures However as I mentioned in Post 21,
LEFT The beginnings of the French 4th Division. I cut the 25mm-square bases from 3mm MDF on a table-saw. I painted the sides of the bases with emulsion paint then stuck steel paper to the underside of the bases – together with magnetic strip this would help to keep the models safe in their storage boxes. They were then ready to have figures mounted on them.
while it seemed appropriate to be conservative with Austrian roll-call numbers it seemed appropriate to be liberal with the French. For this reason while rounding down all Austrian numbers, I made the decision to round up French totals that were just one figure below a multiple of six. As a result 3rd  Legere became a regiment of 30 figures, giving me one more base of figures to paint. This all seemed fine and fair – except, of course, for the 93rd Line’s 28 figure total, just one figure away from an upgrade. But where to stop? However
unfair, I resolved to stick to my guns and rule only to round up by one figure. This made the final figure totals of the regiments: 3rd Legere: 30 figures 56th Line: 42 figures 93rd Line: 24 figures Just to make sure, I checked the numbers of the overall division. There were 5,180 men in the division. At 1:50, this gave a total of 103 figures. My total was 96 figures, which seemed fairer than the standard-battalion division total of only 84. I could also raise the division to 102 figures by adding another base to the poor old 93rd if I felt like it in the future! The above base numbers were important to me because I planned to use Boudet’s division to test my homebrew rules and the balance between size of built-up areas and the size of units able to defend them.
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