It's All About Compromise

I had decided that, for me, 28mm was for small-scale Napoleonic engagements and it was time to concentrate on big battles with 10mm figures. My choice of Penraken’s new range dictated the theatre of war. So I had to close the cabinet door on the campaigns of Spain, Italy, Egypt, Russia, France, Belgium ... well, to leave the proverbial door slightly ajar and concentrate! The 1809 Danube campaign culminated in the largest battle the world had ever witnessed. Luckily however, there was more to this conflict than the mighty battle of Wagram. And for a slow-painting wargamer I definitely planned to start small!

It's Not an Exact Science

This is my online 1809 journal. It’s all about using my preferred small scale for recreating Napoleonic battles of the Franco-Austrian War of 1809. N scale (or 10mm figures) seemed the perfect choice for large scale battles. At least, it had a lot going for it. And so had this project: a good start to a good 1809 range of figures, a huge range of German-themed scenics thanks to the model railway market – and no need to paint the entire pesky minutiae of every uniform!



After a Napoleonic reading fest over Christmas 2011 the Napoleonic bug struck again. Collections of Napoleonic figures had been piling up over the years: 28mm and 25mm figures, 15mm, 6mm, 20mm, and even 54mm. They went back a long way: 20mm Airfix plastic figures won me a Napoleonic wargames competition at the tender age of twelve; I even bought my first Napoleonic 25mm metal miniature when they retailed for less than 5p. Despite the mass of troops already available, I had been on the lookout for a good range of Napoleonic 10mm figures for a while. Another visit to 10mm specialist Pendraken’s website convinced me to make a fresh start with their new 1809 range – and the new year saw the birth of (yet another) new project!