Brush-on Primer

An early-Christmas addition to the 1809 paint-box was an acrylic brush-on primer. I had had my eye on getting some sort of brush on primer – especially for the wayward miniatures that frequently eluded a grand spray-primer session. Vallejo’s water-based Surface Primer seemed a contender. I chose German Green Brown, a colour that appeared to match my preferred yellow-brown primer – although it was difficult to be absolutely sure from online colour swatches what colour I was actually going to get. I put the primer to use almost immediately on a couple of figures I needed to make up a unit. The primer dabbed on very easily and covered the figures with no fuss. Vallejo promised self-levelling properties and, importantly, that the primer would not hide detail. It certainly seemed that way. I was soon painting the miniatures alongside a batch of sprayed figures and quickly lost note of which minis had been spray primed and which had had their primer brushed on. I could easily see myself using the brush- on primer for anything but the largest of priming jobs. And I fancied getting some of the other colours just as soon as I was sure exactly what colours they were!
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