RIGHT The TimeCast Napoleonic 10mm 1813 range of resin buildings.

Spring Offensive

March began the spring offensive and the third month of my project. I had my sample figures and I was planning a big buy at Pendraken’s first 2012 visit to Scotland at the wargames show Carronade at the beginning of May. I certainly hoped to have all my samples painted by then. Or there would be a bit of self- demotion.

More Buildings

First day of March, I met Stephen of Central Wargaming. Stephen’s company is a mobile wargames, model and hobby store based in Scotland. He drove through to personally deliver a TimeCast order. Many thanks to him and his superb service. The TimeCast Napoleonic 10mm 1813 range is based on contemporary prints of surviving 18th century buildings from the Leipzig area of Germany. There are six resin buildings in the range. There are three half-timbered houses (one with a barn annex), a rendered house, a church based on an 1813 print of the church at Güldengossa (from the southern sector of the Leipzig battlefield) and a large timber-framed barn. It’s a good selection of types and just about all you need for 10mm Napoleonic wargaming battles in Germany and Austria. I bought one of each model and an extra of the house with the barn annex – weighing in at just under 2kg.