Hungarian Big Battalion

The biggest regiment by far on my painting list (see the last post) was the 60-strong Hungarian regiment IR2 with emperor yellow facings. I had already made a start on the regiment with the first 10mm Austrian unit that I’d painted (see Post 28), an 18-strong battalion. For the regiment’s next unit, I decided to paint some firing figures, using Pendraken’s Hungarian fusilier firing figure in shako (NPA6) – a figure I’d never painted before. The figure was very similar to the Pendraken French firing figures that I’d already painted (see, for example, Post 78) – and the shako chinstraps that should be slim seemed suspiciously as wide as the French ones. The turnbacks that run along the bottom of the jacket were a bit broken up for some reason but the fine positioning of the jacket’s bottom button was impressive. It was also good to see a prominent brim at the back of the shako. When painting Pendraken Hungarian sculpts, it’s easy to forget that the rim where the leggings join the boots is part of the boot as Hungarian pants did not have turn-ups.
I painted another eleven Pendraken Hungarian infantry marching figures as a rear rank for the firing figures. Marching isn’t exactly the best pose for figures behind a rank of standing guys but in 10mm it’s luckily less of a faux pas. Together with a mounted officer figure already seen in Post 49, I now had another Hungarian battalion – this one of 24 figures, my largest battalion so far and the largest battalion size I intended to put on the 1809 tabletop.
POST 121