I mentioned in the last post that I bought some non-Napoleonic Pendraken figures to sneak into my 1809 project. One such was the American Civil War stretcher- bearer party (ACW49) which I hoped could be converted and used as a French or Austrian casualty marker. I first thought of converting the figures to Napoleonic uniformed types but in the end went for a simpler solution and did a
The beginning of June heralded the start of Summer skirmishing. During a lull in operations that was the month of May – a lull only in blog posting shenanigans and not behind-the-scenes goings on, they were quite profitable – visits to the Blog went up to and over the 20,000 mark. Also, my referral post on the Pendraken Forum went over 10,000 views. Both, certainly, worth celebrating. And I have to admit an inner glow to match the warm glow of Summer. But also prompting the pressing need to get up and at ′em with the ol’ 1809 Blog blog-posting.
LEFT The original model. ABOVE The front figure with trimmed lower trouser legs. RIGHT The model with putty applied.
much easier putty job, converting them to early 19th century peasant folk – put to work helping carry a wounded soldier. Stretchers appear to have been used since antiquity but I disguised the obvious nail holes along the wooden

Another Objective Taken

Out of Range Figures

poles to make the stretcher a little less sophisticated looking. The stretcher bearer at the front had his lower legs trimmed and knee-length breeches modelled. I also gave him something of a waistcoat. The stretcher bearer at the back got a new hat and coat.