As a result of my homebrewed rules beginning to take shape (see the last post), I put together a couple of skirmish markers. Skirmishing were an intrinsic part of Napoleonic warfare and all Napoleonic wargames rules have to work out a way of representing skirmishers. Some big-battle rule-sets simply factored them in and did away with skirmisher figures on the tabletop. Others catered for miniatures in formation on specific skirmish bases. My preference was to use markers that meant that skirmish figures would be present on

Skirmish Markers

the tabletop, adding to the look of the Napoleonic battle, but not behave as a unit – but neither be just a simple factor. Each infantry unit would be given a rating based on nationality, infantry type and unit size which would come into effect every time the unit attempted to fire or was shot at. A die roll would be made and a marker awarded or not. Only one unit of two skirmishing one-another could have a marker. This awarded the parent unit a bonus – and ability to pick out certain troop types as potential casualties.
Old Glory French line voltigeurs as featured in Post 82 – but also making an appearance in this Autumn’s banner (see above) – based at last on 20mm round bases.
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