Treemendus Supplies

I ordered a post-free bundle of terrain making supplies from Anthony at Treemendus. My order consisted of piece of fur fabric, a chunk of rubberised horsehair, static grass tufts, synthetic hair for creating plants and trees, three shades of flock, earth effect powder for constructing roadways, and liquid glue. Because of Anthony’s generously priced mini kits, I was able to include some materials in my order simply to satisfy my curiosity. I was particularly interested in seeing how the Treemendus earth powder worked together with the liquid glue for modelling exposed soil. And how it compared with the tile grout I was used to using. I particularly liked the look of the rubberised horsehair which made me want to get to work as soon as possible making some hedgerows. And I could definitely see the fur fabric on my Essling tabletop as crops in a field or two. It did seem amazing that so many scenic materials were commercially produced in really bright colours. For me, it was absolutely necessary to re- colour any of these glaring eyesores! A lot of thought had obviously been put into making sure all the Treemendus scenic materials were in very nice natural colours. I had my eye on other Treemendus products but for now I had plenty to be getting on with!
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