1809  Joins the Blogosphere

On the first day of May, I went public with my blog. I had to throw a six on a morale test first. But I was determined 1st May was the day, and I stuck to my guns. I began my Blog in HTML but as my HTML editor in Windows 7 spent most of its time not responding I decided to switch to Flash as a learning exercise. This was made even more of a challenge as I had to start from scratch and teach myself the whole caboodle. So for the last few months I had been                             working on designing the Blog and testing                               it online but waited until I was happy                                with it before I posted a link first on the                                 Pendraken forum then the next day on                                  The Miniatures Page (TMP). The                                   response was immediate and very                                    friendly and encouraging. And                                     definitely a morale boost!