Seeking Variety

Do Old Glory and Pendraken figures mix? The age-old wargames question. Are figures from different manufacturers usable together? Can they share the same base? Can they even share the same tabletop? As always, the answer is: it’s simply up to you. If it looks right, go for it. I foraged into the Old Glory catalogue simply to plug a few gaps in the Pendraken range and to experiment with adding more variety to skirmish units and artillery crews. I prefer lots of figure variety. I’m not inspired by rigid lines of skirmishers and gun crews exactly mirroring one another. The Old Glory packs I bought: NAP103 50 Skirmishers  (4 poses – including a hornist) NAP104 50 Foot Artillery Crews  (4 poses) NAP131 Napoleon and His Generals  (10 different mounted generals) NAP208 50 Grenz Skirmishing with Command  (4 poses – command being a hornist) NAP209 50 Jaegers Skirmishing with Command  (4 poses – command being a hornist) NAP222 Austrian Generals  (2 each of 5 different mounted generals)
Examples of five of these packs side-by-side with their Pendraken counterparts can be viewed by clicking this post’s page tabs above. I didn’t buy any Old Glory close-formed troops, cast shoulder-to-shoulder in strips of five. They’re sold in packs of 100 and appear to be 100 of all the same sculpt. I might be tempted one day to scatter a pack – apparently they can be separated – amongst the myriad ranks of marching Pendraken line infantry – who have twice the number of variants: two. Despite the mantra, a lot of the Old Glory pack quantities are just too large. To balance units of 100 of some troop types you would need to be fielding others of several thousands. For example for my Aspern-Essling project, fielding one pack of 100 Old Guard Grenadiers would need to be balanced by fielding 4,000 line infantry. (I’m afraid I’d lose the will to hobby.) And with some Old Glory figures retailing at more than double the price of their Pendraken counterparts, it’s simply a good mantra for selling not good practice for collecting. I really would have liked to have added more variety to the Pendraken Austrian Landwehr I already had but to do so I would have had to buy 150 Old Glory figures and I already had all I needed from two Pendraken packs.