French Artillery Trial

In June, there was still no sign of any Pendraken Austrian artillery. Meanwhile, it was time to paint up some Pendraken French  artillery and see what they looked like. The standard colour for Napoleonic French artillery guns was termed gros vert, a mixture of 2,500 parts yellow ochre and 30 parts black. It gave the impression of a green colour – just as mixing red and black can make a colour that looks more like brown than dark red. I didn’t have the Foundry palette French Gun Olive Green 109 but I thought it too green anyway. The best way to deal with French Napoleonic guns is to do it the original way and use yellow ochre and a tiny, tiny dab of black. However, I gave Foundry’s Moss 29 palette a shot which I thought quite appropriate, for the time being at least – and saved me mixing several thousand parts! BELOW The four Pendraken French line artillery crew.
Brass/bronze barrels were left dull in the field. I used Foundry’s Bronze Barrel Shade 103A with only a touch of a highlight of 103B.
ABOVE Pendraken French 8pdr gun with line crew. RIGHT French line artilleryman of 1809. BELOW Pendraken French 8pdr gun.