Back in Post 10, I mentioned that the Pendraken chasseur à cheval officer figure would need a bit of modelling putty to up his rank from an epaulette-less trooper. To be a chasseur à cheval officer, the figure would need at the very least the rank insignia of a fringed epaulette on the left shoulder. I promoted my figure with a bit of green stuff, also giving him a fringeless epaulette on his right shoulder. I had three chasseur à cheval officers for three regiments on my painting list (see Post 41). I decided to make them all slightly different. I gave another twin fringed epaulettes and my first attempt at a bearskin colpack. The third got one fringed epaulette and I sliced off his head and repositioned it to face forwards. I decided then that my first chasseur officer would switch regiments. I changed the colour of his facings – traces of the original blue of the 16th are just about visible under his collar. Off he went to take charge of the smaller 24th. With only one fringed epaulette he’s not even a major, after all.
The French chasseur à cheval officer from my first batch of Pendraken samples – with green stuff epaulettes.

Instant Promotion

RIGHT Green stuff gave way to a bit of grey ProCreate putty on these models.