Attention! Les Ordres de l’Empereur!

My French ADC, converted from a Pendraken French hussar (see Post 46), was painted up and mounted on a 20mm round base. At least, 20mm bases for ADCs was one base size I was sure of. Still just the one ADC, though – although I thought I could spy an ADC type tipping his hat in a dark and mysterious mini photo on the Bend Sinister/Redline website. I loosely based the ADC’s colour scheme on the accompanying painting of a French Marshal’s ADC of 1809 (in Spain). The attaché case was painted in the style of an attaché case said to have been used by Napoleon during the retreat from Moscow. Painting up the converted hussar, the sheepskin saddlecloth looked just a bit wrong. I couldn’t find any examples of a French ADC with a sheepskin saddlecloth. For any more ADCs, it might be better to use a Pendraken Austrian hussar figure, which is essentially the same figure but with a cloth saddlecloth (and carbine that would have to be given the snip).
My 10mm ADC with a ‘cloud of dust’ being thrown up behind him. At least that was the idea!
Anne S K Brown Military Collection