My First TimeCast Painted Building

Of my TimeCast models (see Post 16), I had two of the German house with attached barn  so I thought I’d make a start painting one of them. It, unfortunately, needed a lot more filling with green stuff than I would have liked. Resin models need a good clean with mild soap to wash away mould release powders and to better prepare them for paint. Mine got a washing-up liquid bath.
The model painted up well after an undercoating with Daler-Rowney System 3 burnt umber (see Post 29). It’s always tricky deciding whether to paint period windows glazed, open, or shuttered. I chose to paint the windows Foundry’s Slate Grey shade, a dark blue-grey, a colour that has the advantage of being a good off- black for an open-windowed dark inside or a dark blue for sky-reflecting (gloss- varnished) glass.