ABOVE Pendraken French Line Fusiliers from pack NPF2. The figure on the far right has a green stuff cooking pot attached to its backpack. One figure still has a tuft on its pom-pom. With cuffs, for example, tempting as it was to clean up around buttons and paint the cuff flap piping on all figures, realistically, something had to give. I noticed that on my first attempts of the firing fusiliers, I had painted the top of the white lapel between the shoulder strap and butt of the musket. I decided this was one detail that contributed more to painting time than making a noticeable difference.

Pendraken French Line Fusiliers

On the way to painting up a couple of regiments of French line infantry, I reviewed a front rank of firing fusiliers. Seeing that there was potentially a whole heap of French line infantry to paint, it was difficult to decide on a standard to paint the masses – just how much detail to attempt to give the rank-and-file – to make painting the lead mountain achievable within any sort of time-scale.