The two figures for my General of Division command base (see the last two posts) still needed a little more modifying. During painting, I realised that the general figure was based perhaps more on an Aide de Camp of the Imperial Household than a General of Division or General of Brigade in that the pistol holsters on his saddle had fur

General of Division Command Base

French light not line infantry who had square- ended lapels. With his new bicorne hat, this would also have made him a perfect engineers officer. However, I wanted the figure to emphasise the fact that the command base was part of an infantry division. I used a scalpel blade to square off the end of the lapel.
covers quite unlike the usual cloth covers of Napoleon’s generals and marshals, indeed of the Emperor himself. And, perhaps more importantly, his coat had triangular turnbacks not the straight false turnbacks of the coats of French senior staff officers. I attempted to put both these discrepancies to right with a little green stuff. There was no opportunity, though, for any major alterations as all but the offending areas had already been painted. I painted the officer on foot as a line infantry officer with white lapels on his jacket. His one fully visible lapel, however, did appear to have a pointed end – a distinguishing feature of
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