Light Cover Built-Up Area Base

I had decided some time ago that all my tabletop built-up areas would be divided into multiples of 100mm square sections. I designed and cut a fibreboard base for my pair of thatched cottages in this size with rounded corners and wavy edges in the style that I thought suited terrain features better than the standard square-cut base.
I added a wood pile against one of the buildings made from cut pieces of cocktail sticks. I wanted to include a roadway on the base so that I could add some sort of small building on the other side of the road. This would give a nod, I hoped, to the fact that there were buildings on either side of the road. I designed a shed, or cabin, to fit the very small space available. The model had a footprint of only 16mm by 30mm. I made it with a stout fibreboard shell clad with strips of cardboard to represent timber planking. I gave the cabin a shingle type roof cut from card. The kits are available here.
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