Stable Block

I had very little space to represent the walled area to the rear of Essling Schloss. As well as the garden, the yard also included stables and several utility out-houses. I decided to design just one model: a stable block with a central entranceway. Keeping this model and the chateau the same width meant that the walled area could be represented by just a couple of simple walls connecting the two models, which I could design or cut to size from commercially available plastic wall sheet.
Essling Schloss was certainly a classy building. I preferred to paint the window frames of my models a variety of dull browns and greys but I lightened the grey I painted the window frames of the chateau. I also included some more up-market panelled doors (one in the stable and two in the chateau’s passageway). I was tempted to go further and add chimney pots but went with chimney stacks more in keeping with the period.
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