Saltbox House

For the other side (the eastern side) of the Schloss I designed a ‘saltbox’ type house with a long, pitched roof at the back. This was the type of house that usually had two stories in the front and one in the back. For Essling, though, I kept the building single-storied throughout. A larger, more typical saltbox house might have a lean-to addition at the back. It was the style of house I tended to think made a pretty good farmhouse for tabletop-gaming. This model, however, was designed just to be a different type of village dwelling, but with a similar single-storey facade as the other houses in the main street. The twin chimney stacks was a nice feature that added a bit of variety to my Essling houses. I had to be careful not to make the model too big. But as modest as it turned out, I still had to find room to squeeze in a trackway alongside it, leading to Essling’s famous granary.
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