Ground & Figure Scales

I now had provisional ground and figure scales that appeared to work best with my existing tabletop, 10mm figures, and the way I wanted my game to look.                          Figure Scale:                          1:50                          1 figure = 50 men                          Ground Scale:                          1 : 2,500                          1mm = 2.5m

N Scale

The other scale to take into consideration was model scale. This (much to the heartache of most wargamers) is simply cosmetic – it just looks right or it just looks wrong – and doesn’t impact on game-play unless, of course, visual targeting is part of the game as in a skirmish-type game. My chosen scale was N scale. Even if you think you know what N scale is you need to keep checking to make sure you do. It doesn’t help that there are several N scales. It can be very confusing – especially when impulse-buying on internet auction sites! Depending on manufacturer, N scale ranges from 1:148 to 1:160. 1:144, however, is the generally accepted N scale
standard for the wargames market. N scale figures tend to vary in size between 10-12mm (as Pendraken figures also do), 12mm being usual. Using the typical 2mm to the foot scale, it’s generally agreed that the difference between a 10mm (or 5’) man and a 12mm (or 6’) man isn’t worth worrying about. I planned to use this scale, which for convenience if I preferred to keep things metric I’d think of as 1:150. In an ideal 2mm to the foot wargames world, voltigeurs would be 10mm high, grenadiers 12mm, 6’6” doorways 13mm, and Napoleon (at 5’6½”) 11mm high.           Model Scale:           1:150           2mm = 300mm/1 foot
ABOVE French figures from the Pendraken 10mm Napoleonic 1809 range with an N scale figure and Faller farm house.