N Scale Railway Model Buildings

There is a vast array of useful N scale railway scenics available. In this scale you don’t have to make do with corrugated cardboard for roofing or embossed wallpaper for stonework: to-scale tile, stone, and brick moulded plastic sheets are freely available. There’s everything from basic walls and fences to elaborate city walls and impressive castles and cathedrals. A good number of companies produce German-style buildings and there are a large number of timber-framed buildings available from manufacturers such as Faller, Kibri and Vollmer. However, most need a bit of de- modernising but – what-do-you-know! – you don’t even have to scratch-build a windmill as there are plenty available in this scale! The drawback is that even so- called country cottages are pretty substantial. In other words, rather too big for the average wargame with a tight ground scale in mind. However, undeniably useful for townhouses and the 1809 wargamer (and don’t think I wasn’t tempted!) who wants to have a go at wargaming Second Landshut or the Storming of Regensburg.