I thought I might mark my 100th post with a celebratory photograph with a 100 theme of some sort. I had just finished painting a Hungarian infantry regiment which gave me the idea of an image of 100 infantrymen. My painted unit wasn’t of 100 but 54 figures. If my image was to be of 100 infantry I would have to perform a bit of digital magic. Excellently timed, a delivery by courier of a pair of photo studio lights provided further incentive. My journey getting to my 100th post had been informative and truly enjoyable. The Blog stats looked healthy, too.
Blog Visits since 1 May 2012: 26,311 (to 14 August 2013) Blog Page Views: 83,483 (to 14 August 2013) Visits to my Pendraken Forum Post: 13,146 And the celebratory photograph? Posted on the 15th, the anniversary of Napoleon’s birthday: 100 Pendraken Hungarian infantry amidst a backdrop of terrain and borrowed Hungarian landscapes all stitched together. To see my 100th Post image, click here.

The 100th Post!

POST 100