Austrian Engineers

The Pendraken Austrian Engineers pack (NPA29) came with three different figures: an officer, an engineer working with a shovel and another knocking back a beverage of some sort with his entrenching tool still in its case slung on his back. The drinking figure was, in fact, a miner as he had – unlike pioneers and sappers – a pistol in a holster at the rear of his right hip. The engineer with the shovel was the same figure I had used to convert into a Fuhrwesen wagon driver (see Post 92, Post 94 & Post 98). A fact
that nearly escaped me while painting the unconverted figure. This engineer didn’t have any distinguishing features apart from his boots that marked him out as a sapper or miner. Somewhat casually, I painted the two engineers as pioneers with light grey jackets with green (Foundry Dragoon Green Shade 70A plus 70B) facings. My main reason for doing this was to avoid the miner and sapper’s controversial jacket colour (variations of grey and blue). Obviously in doing so, I managed to equip one of my pioneers as a miner. Cue alternative story line.
As a bit of base clutter, I made a spade with a piece of metal rod and some putty. I modelled a labouring engineer’s jacket hanging on the shovel. I painted the jacket as a miner or sapper’s with dark red facings, possibly nailing my colours to the grey-not- blue-jacket mast at the same time. I based the pioneers with my converted Austrian workmen with pick and shovel (see Post 94). The story might have been that the pioneer with the miner’s pistol was looking after it while the minor got his jacket off and did the hard work! Originally, I was going to
put three figures on a base but thought two looked better and also gave room for any associated clutter. I intended working parties to be used not as troops but as markers so I based them – as I had my ADCs, also to be used as markers – on 20mm round bases, the size I had chosen for my marker bases. As my bases were 3mm thick, I was able to dig an actual hole in one of the bases. I didn’t use much static grass on the bases as I wanted to create churned- up, earthy, rocky work areas.
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