Hungarian Infantry Regiment No. 33

The Hungarian regiment that featured in my 100th Post was painted as Sztaray Infantry Regiment No. 33 that formed part of IV Corps that attacked the village of Essling. Originally I had planned not to paint the lace on Hungarian pointed cuffs – the white lace (gilt for officers) with a fringed end known as a Bärentatzen or ‘bear’s paw’. Fair enough on yellow and light coloured facings where they might simply end up looking like messy highlights. However, the dark blue facings of the 33rd  just called out for the detail. So I relented – even after already having stuck a few figures on bases.
Three large battalions were present at Essling, represented by three 18- figure units, giving a total of 54 figures in the regiment. In my 100th post, the images of a further 46 figures were added by cutting and pasting. The flag was also added. It was a drawn image that I edited to look three- dimensional, darkening it to match the shadowed area beneath the branches of the model tree. I obviously chose to have 100 figures to match my 100th post, and I wanted them to be formed in three ranks just as the Austrian infantry fought. A slight problem as my basing was in two ranks. Having the figures in three ranks didn’t exactly help seeing all 100 figures in the image! But it was good trying to recreate the depth of formation in which the infantry would have fought.
POST 105