Austrian Landwehr

I had had a go at painting some Landwehr rank-and-file figures from the Pendraken Austrian Landwehr pack (NPA10) a while back but as there were no Landwehr regiments at Aspern-Essling they had been returned to barracks, so to speak. On the other hand, there were plenty of Freikorps at the battle, including four battalions of Vienna Volunteers. Pendraken had Vienna Freiwilliger on their to-do list and I was eagerly awaiting these. In the meantime, however, I thought I may as well have at least one battalion of something like Vienna Volunteers by using the Pendraken Landwehr  figures in greatcoats – one of the two sculpts in old-fashioned civilian buckled shoes. By Aspern-Essling, all the Vienna battalions had been much reduced. My units worked out at just two bases each with one battalion of only one base of six figures. Landwehr of Lower Austria, 1809, Joseph Eder uniform print, published 1810. Note the diagonal stripes on the old style drum are angled opposite to how they are usually represented on line infantry drums.
I painted the Pendraken figures in the style of the Landwehr of Lower Austria. The grey uniform with red facings was worn by units from Vienna and the states surrounding the capital. I made sure a few had white breeches, as worn by the Vienna Volunteers.  [more]
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