Austrian Artillery Gunners

I painted 16 Austrian artillery gunners to add to the four I had already painted (see Post 75). What made these 16 figures stand out as unique to my 10mm 1809 project so far was that all 16 gunners were different figures. It helped that they were from three different manufacturers – Pendraken, Magister Militum and Redline. The real variety, though, came from the
number of Redline gunners: two full crews and even one more figure that didn’t get painted! It was interesting to see what details the different sculptors had chosen to include and what they had decided to miss out. The Magister Militum figures, for example, were the only ones to have sabre tassels while the Pendraken sculpts were the only figures to have one with a leather satchel.
types if I wanted to. However, I was more likely to follow the time-honoured tradition of using the number of crew on a base to distinguish the calibre of the gun. ABOVE The observant might notice that one figure is missing – see the last post (he’s off on a toilet break).
As I had already painted four Pendraken Austrian gunners (see Post 75), it meant I now had enough gunner figures for the five guns on my painting list – all the guns I needed for the Austrian 5th Column at Essling. And enough different gunners, in fact, to distinguish the different Austrian artillery
Austrian artillery officer and gunner by Ottenfeld.
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