I thought it was time to get my hands dirty and began by upgrading a Kibri townhouse, which I had purchased for less than £5. The timber frame on these models is just printed sticky-backed plastic that is easily peeled off for starters. There’s usually a discovery or two to make when you acquire a completed plastic kit and this particular one included two ground-floor window frames that had been glued upside down. After failing to make either budge but managing to do a good bit of damage, I decided to conceal the attempted break-in with balsa wood window shutters. I replaced the 2D timber frame with balsa wood strips glued on with PVA. More and more timber framing could have been added but I decided (with one eye on the aforementioned suburb) to keep it simple as it was a time consuming business. Painting over the modern-look white window frames is a must as far as I’m concerned – but then I do have a personal war against the use of black and white in wargames land! Already the building looked better. A simple paint-job was fine for this model and apart from the roofing tiles needing a bit of repair work and a dry-brushing, that was building number one finished!

One Building don’t make a Village

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LEFT The Kibri building’s peeled off papers.