ABOVE 10mm Pendraken French 16th regiment chasseurs à cheval troopers on their way to getting varnished and based. LEFT The chasseurs still blu-tacked onto the bottle-tops I use when painting figures. They haven’t been matt varnished yet. RIGHT Army Painter Quickshade

First Painted Figures

The project’s first finished painted figures. These chasseurs à cheval troopers have been painted as the 16th regiment. This regiment was commanded by General of Brigade Hippolyte Piré and part of Lasalle’s light cavalry division that operated in the open ground between Essling and the Danube on the first day of the battle. I tried brushing Army Painter strong tone QuickShade on one figure as a trial. I wasn’t convinced that the dip made a significant difference at this scale. It did give the figure a brown, perhaps appealing, glaze that blended together some of the painting but I couldn’t see that it brought out the detail sufficiently to justify the dulling of the lighter tones.