I made a start on a model of Essling cemetery by irregularly rounding the corners of a scrap piece of 2mm MDF with a file to use as a base. I wanted to capture some of the character shown in the plans of the cemetery (see the last post) but even a necessarily oversized model wouldn’t be much more than a wall around a 25mm infantry base. Since the cemetery had been a defensive position worth some hard fighting, I decided that it most probably had a stout wall, whether brick or stone. I cut some pieces from a Peco N-scale stone walling sheet. I made the walls the height a 10mm figure could fire over when
mounted on a 3mm base. The French hadn’t initially planned to hold Essling and when the time came didn’t have much opportunity to create defensive positions and loophole walls. As a result, it’s unlikely that the cemetery on the far outskirts of the village was altered much. I used a mix of PVA glue and dark brown grout to cover the insides of the walls and add texture to the base. The cemetery ground itself, I only sprinkled with fine sand as this area would be covered when in use. I gave the lot a coat of emulsion paint to seal everything before using Milliput putty to sculpt over joins and add rough stonework to the tops of the walls. I also added some memorials to the graveyard walls and gave one wall a Milliput buttress structure.

Making Essling Cemetery

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