I made an insert for the cemetery model, the idea being that this could be removed when the graveyard was occupied by troops. I cut and filed a piece of MDF to fit inside the cemetery walls. MDF files well so I was able to slim down the edge at the entrance as a path to the gate. I took a selection of gravestones and churchyard memorials from a couple of Fleetline N-scale packs. I attached these to the MDF base using a solvent-based contact adhesive. I gave the base a covering of watered down PVA glue and sprinkled on sand. I used a piece of N-scale station fencing (see Post 56) for
the cemetery gate adding a Milliput cross bar at the bottom. I painted the whole model, leaving the final highlighting until later. Back with the insert base, I used a PVA and grout mix to finish off the joins and create burial mounds. Rather than static-grass the whole base, I used Foundry’s Moss greens (29A and 29B) to blend the grassy areas into the path and to give the a graveyard a cut-grass maintained look. I couldn’t resist adding some flowers even though initially Army Painter’s Meadow Flowers looked slightly out of scale. After a bit of careful pruning, however, the insert base was complete.

Essling Cemetery Progress

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