Finishing Essling Cemetery

I added grass and foliage around the outside of the cemetery walls. The static grass I unwittingly chose to use was GaleForce9’s Dead Grass – the colours of which didn’t work too well with my base colour. Now, what’s a cemetery without ivy? Naturally, I had to add some which I did with pieces of Army Painter’s Poison Ivy. When everything was stuck down, I finished off highlighting the iron gate and the odd stone. I ended up with a model that was probably a far cry from what the cemetery on the outskirts of Essling actually looked like.
ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT The completed Essling cemetery model with the gravestones insert. LEFT The gravestones insert replaced by an infantry base. FAR LEFT Unbased Pendraken figures: French voltigeurs defend Essling cemetery against an attack by Hungarian infantry.
But despite the limitations of its size, I had a model that at least was inspired by and tried to reflect what limited information was available to me.
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