French Casualty Marker

I already had had a go at converting a Pendraken American Civil War stretcher-bearer party as a casualty marker (see Post 89 and Post 90). I thought I’d try making another casualty marker with one of the figures from the same set. I snipped away the rear stretcher bearer, leaving him empty-handed. My idea was that he would be a civilian pushing a two-wheeled hand cart carrying a wounded soldier. I converted him into a peasant type with knee breeches and gave him a cross strap and hip bag. With no manufacturer producing any Napoleonic
10mm casualty figures, I selected a figure from the Pendraken American War of Independence Generic Dead and Wounded pack (AWX1). I straightened up the sides of the base to act as the board the wounded warrior was lying on, cutting into the base to make sure that some limbs overhung the board. The cart then only needed handles and a couple of wheels. I took wheels and axle from a Pendraken French limber, cutting off the shaft and adding wire handles. I painted the American War of Independence figure as a French infantryman. 
He had had a hip pack that I had chopped away. I left his distinctive cross strap as a water bottle strap. With the little group mounted on a 20mm base, I had made a Napoleonic casualty marker without using Napoleonic figures. Also, I had painted my first figure by the expert sculptor known as Clibinarium.
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