The Painting List

It was way, way back in Post 41 that I posted the list of figures I needed to paint to refight the attack on the village of Essling. Since then, numbers of figures had changed several times and I thought it was time to repost the most recent totals. Could I say that now most were painted? Well, yes, most were. And more besides. But there were still bits and pieces to get finished, even whole units, before the glow of getting a project completed could start to kick in. Figure numbers had changed. Painted figures had jumped from regiment to regiment. Pompoms and facing colours had been painted and repainted. Meanwhile, I was still playing the waiting game for some figures that had not yet been released. And there were also some figures I’d painted that I thought might need replacing. Endless fun. There were other units that were involved in the battle for Essling village. Four battalions of Austrian Grenadiers were sent over to assault the Granary and the Great Garden. They would make a nice addition to the painting list. I also wanted to include the French Imperial Guard 12-pdrs that were positioned on the other side of the Danube. However, Pendraken hadn’t produced any French 12-pdrs or Imperial Guard Foot Artillery yet.
French Not a corps as such but the units assembled to hold the French right flank on the first day of the battle under the command of Marshal Lannes. Boudet (4th Division) 3rd Léger (Fririon) 56th Ligne (Valory) 93rd Ligne Piré 8th Hussars 16th Chasseurs à Cheval Bruyère 13th Chasseurs à Cheval 24th Chasseurs à Cheval Raynaud 4th Cuirassier 6th Cuirassier Lannes’ Guns 4lb 6lb/8lb 12lb
Austrian The Austrian 5th Column of IV Korps under the command of FML Hohenlohe and the overall command of FML Rosenberg. Advance Guard Division Carneville Freikorps infantry Carneville Freikorps cavalry 13 Walachisch-Illyrier Grenzer 3 Erzherzog Ferdinand Hussars Rosenberg Chevauxlegers Division FML Hohenloe IR44 Bellegarde (Italian) IR46 Chasteler (German) IR2 FZM Hiller (Hungarian) IR33 Graf Sztaray (Hungarian) GM Lederer 4 Kronprinz  Ferdinand Cuirassier 8 Hohenzollern-Hechingen Cuirassier Guns Brigade Artillery 6lb Horse Artillery 6lb Reserve Artillery 6lb
Figures 3 2 12 16 8 30 30 60 48 9 12 3 1 1
Figures 30 42 24 12 12 12 8 12 12 3 4 3
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