Another Casualty

The poor French line infantry colonel featured in the last but one post had already had his plume and sword bent when the Napoleon of this project closed a box lid on him without checking first if the box was deep enough to accommodate a mounted figure. So it wasn’t a surprise during a photo shoot when a camera fell on him that his plume finally gave up and broke off. Another job for super glue – with lots of finger crossing that it won’t happen again!

The Last Soldier

What with my seemingly endless reorganising of unit numbers to make games hopefully more playable, I found myself painting a last figure of my first French infantry division a number of times. In the end, the honour of being the very last figure – and painted on its own – went to one that happened to have a stuck-on green stuff bag.
Sometimes I struggle to make out what’s what on a 10mm figure. The worst that can happen is possibly just an unruly paint job. I had had trouble tidying up the lapels on some Pendraken French marching infantry castings. The
last figure of the French infantry division to be painted was one of these. On closer inspection, it appeared that the top of the lapel sat vertically rather than horizontally so the buttons crossed the chest instead of rising to the shoulder. It doesn’t help that I’m easily confused but it did look like something had gone skew whiff.


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