ABOVE February’s motley collection of plastic N scale buildings: another nice bigger and not so broken windmill earmarked as the Aspern village mill, a church that may be Essling church one day, ‘quaint’ little houses, and the two bungalows in the foreground.


In February, I acquired another bundle of N scale buildings. After my small is beautiful revelation, I was keen to get hold of much smaller domestic buildings than the substantial townhouses I had bought in January. However, these are not so readily available in the N scale market. But before leaping to begin a scratch-build, some models with a good roof but nothing much else going for them can sometimes be purchased second hand for less than the price of a plastic moulded tile sheet. I found a good number of these all set for re- development described as ‘quaint’ by their previous owners and by me as ‘a good roof and four walls’. I also had my eye on an interesting feature of the Essling battlefield. Napoleon is said to have made his headquarters at what is described both as a brickworks and a tileworks, of which there were two on the battlefield. With my ground scale I would be limited in the size I could make these. Again I’d have to think small. With these industrial structures in mind, I purchased two bungalows that I thought might be suitable for conversion. As bungalows, they were single storied which was good and had substantial chimneys that might pass as industrial but they still took up a fair amount of table space, especially as I planned to add some sort of courtyard.